Monday, November 25, 2013

Elimination Diet...2 years later

I know it's been awhile since I've updated. Life gets in the way like that. Since my last post, Lucas started Kindergarten and is doing great in school. Before he started, I had a 504 meeting with his teachers, counselor, and county NP. Everyone was on board and eager to make accommodations as needed. 

I spent the past weekend in Cincinnati for a Symposium on EoE presented by The CURED Foundation. Lots of wonderful information. My brain is still processing it all. I caught up with fellow parents and met several new ones. 

So, Lucas has been on the Top 8 plus oats and corn diet for now 2 years. Since January 2013, he has completed two food trials at a rate of 50/50. He successfully passed peanuts/peanut butter and he's failed fish. We are currently trialing dairy. I know in my last post we had decided on eggs but after much thought, we switched to dairy. He's been loving the dairy trial. For his birthday last month he got to have "regular" vanilla ice cream. This thanksgiving will be his first in two years that he'll get to have "regular" mashed potatoes. 

We travel back to Cincinnati next month for scope #10 to see if dairy is safe or not. This scope will determine a huge course of action going forward. If he passes, then we will continue trialing. If he fails, then we will take at least 6 months off from trailing. Wish us luck. I have zero expectations for this upcoming scope. I hope for Lucas' sake that dairy is safe but he understands that it's up to the scope results and what Dr. P says. 

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