Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Quarterly Trek To Cincy

 Today, Lucas and I made what seems to be our quarterly trek to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. He was scheduled for scope #7 (6th one at Cincy since July 2011). We were coming off the heels of the great news we received from scope #6 and hoping to continue the up and up slope. As always, our drive was pretty uneventful. We ended up there 30 minutes early but it's better than to be early that late.  Once in our holding room, Lucas got to some serious work on building a Lego airport.
He did a really good job building it on the fly. He even made an airplane that held up to three passengers. He LOVES Legos!!! He can spend hours playing with them. The NP with anesthesia came in to check his vitals.
He's such an old pro at this. He's like, "whatever". The nurse brought in a Phineas and Ferb movie for his to enjoy. He also brought along a few new stuffed animals, Chippey the Black Bear and Snoopy. Blankie also joined in the festivities.

While we waited in the holding room, Dr. Putnam stopped by to say hello and check in. He shook Lucas' hand and made his whole wiggle up and down. Lucas thought that was pretty funny. Transport came to take us back into the OR. The aide asked Lucas if he knew what he was having done. He replied, "Uh my scope." She also asked who the Dr he was seeing and he replied, "Mr. Putnam." Lucas rode down the hallway and into the OR like this:
He was chillaxin' his way into the OR. Everyone who saw him either in the hallway or in the OR thought it was pretty humorous. He's become so used to having this procedure that it's nothing to him. Dr. Putnam asked who he brought along and purposefully called them by the wrong animal. Lucas chuckled and quickly corrected him. Dr. Putnam picked up Chippey and pretended that Chippey was smelling Lucas' armpit. The team asked Lucas to verify who he was and he even spelled his last name for them. They were pretty impressed. Lucas decided on Bubblegum flavored air. 

While Lucas was trying to wake up in recovery, I met with Dr. Putnam in the consultation room. He gave me a copy of the pictures taken of Lucas' esophagus and said visually it looks better. He didn't see any furrowing that previously had been there. He said once the biopsy results come back, we'll go from there. But he seemed happy with the progress Lucas has made.

I was called into recovery and found Lucas laying like so:
Unlike last time, he didn't guzzle two full cans of Gatorade. He barely drank from his one can. He wanted to be discharged ASAP because he knew our next stop was the cafeteria to peruse the Enjoy Life brand selection. Our nurse was great and friendly. While waiting for transport to bring the race car wheelchair, another EoE kid was wheeled into the spot next to ours. We couldn't see him but as his nurse was trying to wake him, Lucas loudly responds, "I'm AWAKE!!!" I quickly told him that the nurse wasn't talking to him but to the other boy. Transport arrived and brought us down to the main floor. Lucas and I dined in the revamped cafeteria then made our way to the car. The nurse let him keep his round pillow and arm board. He thought it was funny to place the round pillow around Chippey's neck:
We had an uneventful ride home. Lucas did great, as always. Now we just wait on the biopsy results. *fingers crossed*

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