Friday, May 10, 2013

Pathology Results for #8

Lucas' scope was last week and Dr. Putnam called me a few days ago with the results. He said that Lucas' results were perfect. The pictures taken looked great. Again, I waited for the pathology report to post. So without further ado....

(A) Duodenum 3rd

(B) Body/antrum

(C) Distal esophagus (bottom of the esophagus)

(D) Proximal esophagus (top of the esophagus)

Samples A and B came back normal, no diagnostic abnormality. 

Sample C came back normal, no diagnostic abnormality. 

And Sample D came back normal, no diagnostic abnormality.

Did you catch that? Dr. Putnam said that Lucas' results were perfect and he wasn't joking! 

To compare from his previous scope in January, Samples A and B have remained unchanged. Sample C decreased from 24 eosinophils per high powered field to ZERO. The most drastic change came in Sample D remained the same at ZERO. This is his first official scope that has come back completely clear!

For the score keepers: 
-3rd scope in a row with his upper esophagus remained CLEAR!!!!
-1st scope that his lower esophagus came back CLEAR!!!!
-no medicine changes were made from January
-trialed peanut butter/peanuts

Peanut butter/peanuts are keepers! He successfully passed his trial. WOOHOO!!!!! Going into this scope, Lucas and I talked about what he wanted to trial next. We narrowed it down to two choices: 1) tree nuts 2) fish (not shellfish).

After much thought, we decided to trial fish. For us, it will hopefully add another protein source, meal worthy (not just snacky foods), and something he had liked previously before the elimination diet. Lucas is so excited!

Tonight, he spend the night with my in-laws. My MIL prepared fried cod and sweet potato fries for him. She used a safe breading and used coconut milk and egg replacer to adhere the breading. She fried the cod in canola oil. I was able to speak to Lucas and he exclaimed that he LOVED the fried fish and the sweet potato fries. I'm so happy he likes it. My heart is happy that my boy is doing well. 

For your viewing pleasure, highlights from our Cincy trip. 

Before he freaked out and told me he changed his mind, he didn't want to do this.

He couldn't be bothered. Too busy playing his 3DS.

Playing with the shadow wall in the waiting room.

We also had the great opportunity to spend time with one of the many families we've grown to know and love. The Simmes family was gracious to let Lucas and I not only visit but to crash at their place for the night. I didn't get any pictures (shocking I know) of our boys playing and going crazy. They had a great time and I had a great time catching up with Momma Simmes. 

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