Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On The Road Again....Scope #9

As many of you know, we traveled once again to our favorite children's hospital the other day. We didn't make any grand appearances with other EoS families but Daddy/Hubby joined us for the first time since we initially went up there 2 years ago. It was also his first time meeting Dr. P. Our ride up was uneventful. (Yay!) We pitched ideas of going to a few different places afterwards but opted to just head home. However, since this was Daddy's first time going, he had to learn the special "rules" we have in place. When we travel to the main campus, we always stop for lunch at the cafeteria and we always stop and get a gumball (or two) from the machine in the gift shop.

Just like any other visit, Lucas must have his vitals taken.

Then it's the wait until go time. Which includes watching Cartoon Network and playing with Legos. 

Momma even joined him on the bed.

His favorite stuffed animals and blankie had hospital bracelets on too. They were prepped and ready for surgery as well.

Every time we go, the nurses always give Lucas an extra bracelet to alert his food allergies to the surgical team.

And we're off, headed to induction OR room. He looks a little nervous.

But before he had too much time to think, Dr. P started joking around with him. Dr. P pretended that Snoopy was a telephone instead of a stuffed animal. It was the perfect thing to calm Lucas' nerves and send him into a laughing fit.

We watched him gently succumb to the bubblegum flavored air and headed to the waiting area. It wasn't long when Dr. P joined us in the consultation room. He said visually, Lucas' esophagus looked perfect. We discussed a little about what we wanted to trial and few of our concerns about future trials. He agreed with us about the next trial and gave us a bit of reassurance that future trials are hopefully.

Once in recovery, we joined Lucas and he was pretty quiet, unlike his chattiness he displayed earlier. The PACU nurse even commented, saying he was the strong and silent type. But when he was ready, he was ready. He wanted to waste no time with getting changed.

Did I mention that he tends to be grumpy when he's waking from anesthesia? The race car wheelchair couldn't get here fast enough. While waiting he said to us, "Do you know how I know how brave I am?" We looked and replied, "No." He paused (must've tried to think of a good answer) and responded, "Cuz I just am." That's my boy.

Finally, the wheelchair got here and we set off for the cafeteria. He had applesauce and an Enjoy Life Choco-BOOM bar. I asked him to smile.

Clearly, the anesthesia hadn't wore off. Still funny to look at. He finished and on our way out, bought our gumballs. The ride home was rainy but uneventful. Dr. P will call later this week with the biopsy results. We are pretty hopefully that Lucas will be able to add fish back. 

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